Independent review of maternity services at
Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

Dr Chris Day

I have been a Consultant Neonatologist for many years but actually started my neonatal career a very long time ago.  I spent time in a pioneering neonatal unit as a patient in 1956! During medical training in Leeds I became interested in working with children and families.  During subsequent training and work in paediatrics I developed a special interest in care of the newborn and have been working as a neonatologist since 1996.  I led the local children’s service for eight years. As neonatal services developed the coordination and quality improvement work that we could do together became an increasing focus and I became lead for the Yorkshire Neonatal Network in 2009.  

I have been an advocate for role of parents as partners in care following the changes in practice during my time in paediatrics that have taken parents from only being allowed into viewing corridors to look at their babies in the 80s to now being experts in their baby’s care. This has been brought into particular focus during the pandemic where in our unit we have been able to maintain parental participation without any limits convincing the trust that ‘parents are not visitors’.

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