Independent review of maternity services at
Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

Jane Patten (Until March 2022)

I have been a Midwife since 1985 working in a variety of units as both a hospital and a community midwife, delivering care in stand-alone birth centres, co-located birth centres and at home. I am passionate about continuity of care and supporting families to have a safe and positive birth experience – ensuring that they have all the appropriate information about their birth/pregnancy to enable them to make the right choices. In 2010 I introduced the Vaginal Birth after Caesarean section service (VBAC), which has become part of routine care, also fundraising to obtain waterproof Telemetry to enable women to have VBAC water births. 

I have been involved in the local home birth support group for over 20 years. This group support both families and midwives and organises study events. This year I have organised two perinatal mental health study events for midwives, as greater support and understanding of mental health is currently such a priority for families. 

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