Independent review of maternity services at
Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

Kerry Madgwick

Following a decision to embark on a career change, in 2004 I volunteered in my local hospital’s Gynaecology ward to gain experience in women’s health.  This led to an offer of permanent employment as a Health Care Support Worker and set the foundations for a career in Midwifery.  

Upon qualifying, I have worked full-time as a midwife and am experienced in all aspects of midwifery care.  I am passionate about the provision of high quality, safe and effective care to women, acting as an advocate to support their individual preferences, values, and cultural beliefs.

To support my professional development, I have continued to engage in the notion of life-long learning.  By participating in post-graduate education, this has afforded me the opportunity to further progress my career and expand my evidence-based knowledge to promote, develop and facilitate a learning culture where clinical staff can learn from excellence in practice.  

My current role as Senior Operational Midwifery Manager demands strong, visible, and professional leadership to staff in all clinical settings.  The role extends to the overall management responsibility of ensuring the highest standards of professional, clinical effectiveness and quality care are delivered within organisational policies, protocols, and national guidance.  This ensures the fundamental standards of quality and safety are met along with patient safety and quality improvement interventions, including the delivery of key work streams.

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