Independent review of maternity services at
Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

Merida Sculthorpe

I trained at King’s College Hospital, London as a Registered Nurse and later as a midwife. I moved to Portsmouth Hospitals in 1984 and have worked in the NHS for 41 years.

I was fortunate to have had a job I loved and a variety of roles in both the high risk and community setting. I was the lead midwife for B5 Mary Rose co-located maternity centre before leaving in December 2019. My main focus has been intrapartum care and I was a strong advocate for normal midwifery care whenever this was appropriate.

Throughout my career I have endeavoured to keep myself informed and up to date by enrolling on relevant courses and attending study days. Maintaining this current knowledge gave me the confidence to meet with families to discuss birth preferences, offer debriefs and in a number of instances be part of formal investigations – both as a manager and as a Supervisor of Midwives. 

I retired from my permanent role in December 2019 and now work on the Staff Bank.

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