Amanda Davey

Amanda has been a midwife since 2003. In partnership with a colleague, Amanda created a hands on and practical suturing workshop for midwives and students which she is still running today. She currently works the majority of her midwifery hours in education and training. However, Amanda remains immersed in clinical practice and the provision of midwifery care.

In 2015, along with a colleague Amanda launched a specialist clinic focusing on perineal care. She is immensely proud of this aspect of her work. They are supported by a consultant uro-gynaecologist who works with them  to provide an excellent service to women who have sustained varying degrees of perineal trauma. The service  offers a debrief/counselling service to the women who have experienced a traumatic delivery and need  psychological and emotional support. They are able to offer practical advice and guidance to women with healing issues and they see antenatal women and advise upon the appropriate mode of birth for them, and guidance on how to reduce their risks of sustaining further trauma in future pregnancies. They are also able to use the clinic to invite pregnant women who have undergone FGM, to offer guidance  and support regarding the most appropriate mode of delivery for them. The clinic has grown significantly in numbers and with the permission of the women attending the clinic  many medical students and student midwives visit the clinic on a weekly basis to ensure excellence in learning.

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