Jane Patten

Jane has been a midwife since 1985 working in units in London, Cambridge and Portsmouth since 2000. Jane has experience of delivering care in hospital and community – in stand-alone birth centres, co located birth centres and at home.

Throughout her career her passion has been continuity of care and supporting families to have a positive birth experience – ensuring that women and families have the appropriate information about their birth / pregnancy to enable them to make informed choices.

In 2010 with a colleague Jane implemented a Vaginal Birth after Caesarean section pathway (VBAC), the aim of which was to debrief women about the reasons for a previous LCSC, and fully inform them about birth choices in their current pregnancy. Jane also raised funds to provide waterproof telemetry to enable women to have the option of a VBAC water birth.

Jane through her involvement with the local home birth support group has organised study events to inform both families & midwives, and has also organised perinatal mental health study events to inform Midwives. Jane remains passionate about women and families receiving care in the most appropriate setting from appropriately skilled Midwives and doctors to achieve the best outcome. 

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