June 2023 – Update Newsletter

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Independent reviews of care are now underway and we continue to receive electronic copies of your medical records from the Trust.

All reviews will be conducted by a minimum of 2 specialists, but often more, to ensure all areas of your care are assessed. Our independent review team is made up of 90 doctors and midwives of all specialities, not linked in any way to Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Family Engagement

We have recently invited families to provide further information about your case if you wish; this can be either by email or, in some cases, by meeting with a member of our team (either virtually or face to face) in Nottingham. We meet in a non NHS setting, you do not have to come to a hospital to meet us.

If you are yet to respond with your preference for sharing any further information please do so by sending an email to [email protected]. We are currently able to offer face to face meetings to everyone who would like to have one.

Many of you have questions regarding what information we are looking for; we would like to hear your own thoughts on your maternity experience, your main concerns and any questions you felt were left unanswered at the time. In addition please feel able to share any other information that our review team would not see in your medical records that you have not yet shared with us.

If you would prefer not to provide any further information we will respect your decision and we will review your case using the medical records available to us and any information you have already provided.

Community Engagement

We are continuing to reach out across Nottingham, particularly minority ethnic groups, encouraging them to come forward with their maternity experiences.

We are also working with a number of community groups in Nottingham to encourage Black and Brown woman and families to come forward to the Review. We also recently participated in Black Baby Loss Awareness Week.

If you know of or belong to a community group that you think we may not be in touch with, please let us know.