May 2023 – Update Newsletter

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Clinical Reviews

We have now started to receive electronic copies of medical records which will allow us to start the review process.

We have recently developed and tested a “data capture tool” to allow information collected from my independent team’s reviews to be recorded.

Our Clinical Team is complete and we have now started clinical reviews as of the beginning of May.

Family Engagement

We continue to receive emails from families regarding their maternity experiences and try to respond to these as soon as we are able to

For families who would like to share further information about their experiences you can provide this by either one of the following methods:

  • emailing us on [email protected]
  • in limited cases, by meeting with a member of our team (either virtually or in selected cases, face to face).

Unfortunately it is very unlikely that we will be able to offer to meet all families who would like to meet with us and for this we are sorry.

Once your case has been reviewed by our clinical team, and after the final report is published, we will be providing feedback to you on your individual case. This is likely to be via email or letter, though in some circumstances this could be via a meeting (either virtual or face to face. When our report is in the final stages of preparation we will liaise with you to gain consent for anonymised information about your case to be potentially included

Community Engagement

We are continuing to reach out across Nottingham, particularly minority ethnic groups, encouraging them to come forward with their maternity experiences.

We have recently shared videos to appeal for families to come forward, including those within the Sikh and Muslim communities. These have been posted on our website and other social media platforms.

Further videos in Polish, Urdu and Arabic will be posted shortly.

We are also working with The Essential Baby Company to encourage Black and Brown woman and families to come forward to the Review.