Ann Lesley Bowerman

Having always worked within the NHS, Lesley started her nursing career as a level 2 nurse and then upgraded to a level 1 Registered nurse in 1997. Training as a midwife in 2000 she has thoroughly enjoyed her career as a midwife gaining many skills such as working in an integrated team, working on an antenatal assessment unit and for 12 years as a labour ward coordinator. This role has been her passion and she has really enjoyed managing the labour ward and ensuring a safe, supportive and compassionate environment for all the multidisciplinary team involved in caring  safely for women and babies. Currently Lesley has retired and returned  to work as a ‘legacy midwife’ working part time supporting the Education Team, supporting  the midwifery governance team and being able to support the labour ward coordinators in their  of managing the labour ward. This role means  that Lesley’s decades of experience are still  utilised within the service.

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