April 2024 – Update Newsletter

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Further Letters To Families

Last month, we sent out a further 86 letters to families referred to us by the Trust. This is the fourth set of letters that have been issued to inform families about their possible involvement with the Review. We believe there are still many more affected by their experience at maternity care who are not ready to come forward, or are unaware of the Review. If you feel this applies to you or someone you know, we are ready to hear your story when you are ready to come forward. 

Introducing New Members Toour Core Team 

We have welcomed two new members of staff to our core team: Mark Power, and Ellice Henry. Mark has joined us as Donna‚Äôs deputy in the role of Review Secretary. Some of you will have the chance to meet Mark in the coming months, when he will be accompanying Donna on her trips to Nottingham. Ellice Henry has taken on the role of Lead for Communications and Engagement. Ellice will be making regular trips to Nottingham and looks forward to meeting families and working with you. Sadly, we say goodbye to Caitlin, the previous Lead for Communications and Engagement, who has now started a new career in Leeds. We thank Caitlin for her support over the last few years, for aiding and shaping the review and engaging with so many of you across the Nottingham area. 

Upcoming Family Get Together 

Our next family get together will be taking place on Saturday 15th June in Central Nottingham. If you feel as though you are ready to come along, we are ready to welcome you. Refreshments will be provided on the day and you will have the opportunity to share your stories with other families involved in the Review. A similar event took place in February allowing families within the Review to come together and offer each other support. Although we were not the organisers of that event, we received heartfelt feedback which highlighted the importance of having these regular meetings as it gives many the opportunity to feel less alone and gives a sense of community.