July 2023 – Update Newsletter

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Family Support for maternity review families

The Family Psychological Support Service (FPSS) has linked in with a local charity, Zephyr’s, to bring an additional avenue of support. They will be running a group for families as part of the review who have had traumatic experiences as well as those who are bereaved. In the group, they will be exploring topics that come up often when dealing with situations that have led to you being part of the review. It will be a safe space to share your experiences, meet others that have been impacted and not be on your own, and to learn about normal reactions you might experience. The group comes with no pressure, you’re not required to attend every session, but the option is there.

Their initial group will come together on Thursday 13th July at between 1:30-3:30pm, with this being the time to voice what you’d like. It’s your opportunity to tell them what you’d like to cover and what you’d want to get from the sessions. It will be held at Zephyr’s workshop in Sneinton Market. Look out for the sign that says By Our Hands We Make Our Way. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this session, they’ll be running an online version the week after on Thursday 20th July between 6pm-7:30pm. Please contact FPSS if you would like the login details for the online session.

We really hope you’ll come along and we can move through these difficult times together.

Family Engagement

We continue to invite families to provide further information about their case if they wish. If you are yet to have let our admin team know of your preference for sharing any further information please do so by sending an email to [email protected]

If you have requested to meet with a member of the review team face to face, we will be in Nottingham on a monthly basis and are currently arranging to see families at the earliest opportunities. We anticipate these meetings will be ongoing for the foreseeable future so please don’t worry that you will be forgotten, the admin team will be in touch once we have available dates to offer you.

If you have requested a virtual meeting with a member of the review team, please bear with us as we try to accommodate these around our review teams ongoing clinical duties in their own. Once we have available time slots we will be in touch with you to arrange.

If you would prefer not to provide any further information we will respect your decision and we will review your case using the medical records available to us and any information you have already provided to us. Thank you!

Community Engagement

We are continuing to reach out across Nottingham, particularly minority ethnic groups, encouraging them to come forward with their maternity experiences.

If you know of or belong to a community group that you think we may not be in touch with, please let us know.