Dr Eilean Crosbie

Eilean Crosbie has been a Consultant Paediatrician in West Yorkshire for almost 20 years working in a District General Hospital setting. Eilean’s main area of interest is in Neonatology and she was the joint lead for the service until 2018. Their unit provides level 2 Neonatal Care, looking after babies from 27 weeks gestation, although prior to 2014 they looked after babies from 23-24 weeks. They work closely with the other units in the Network.

In addition to her neonatal role she was the SUDIC (Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood) Paediatrician for 10 years for 2 Local Authority areas and was the medical representative on the Child Death Overview Panel. As such she has been involved in different aspects of child death review for many years, including neonatal deaths. In this role she has had to work closely with bereaved families, the police, Children’s Social Care and the Coroner’s Office. She has received training in Serious Incident investigation and Root Cause Analysis and has been involved in many investigations within the Trust. Eilean has been Clinical Director for Children’s Services for almost 6 years and has oversight of all serious incidents involving babies and children.

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